Contemporary art

Tom Deininger This is spectacular but also a little creepy if you have a horror perspective on dolls. I’m far less spooked by this one but it’s still a horror in that it’s salvaged plastic from the beach. Our mess, our pollution. We’re the teenage bedroom of the universe. Advertisements Continue reading Contemporary art

Videos, TV docs, films

8th Feb 2019. This is likely to be a constantly updating page of listings and reviews. I’ve taken it from my Drawing blog and will probably run them in tandem. Abstract: the art of design. Abstract: the art of design. Netflix 2017. This is a documentary series featuring designers/architects/artists operating in different commercial arenas. It’s easy to imagine that slick, polished adverts, stark photographic portraits, or magazine front covers, just get there through some act of private genius. But even though extraordinary talent is clearly a factor, so also is a work ethic that requires constant exploration of what’s required, … Continue reading Videos, TV docs, films

Part 2, Assignment 2

 I am thinking of going for an interior again after what felt like quite a turning point with the previous exercise. This time more horizontals and with this ornamental firescreen that always reminds me of a Klimt painting. I took a series of photos to focus the letterbox idea in my head and pasted them onto a landscape orientation A4 sheet to use for reference and palette. Google sometimes stitches these together to form a panorama and I’m hopeful that it will, given time. Then I set about making a composition, moving some items around and foregrounding a couple of them, whereupon … Continue reading Part 2, Assignment 2

Part 2, Project 4, exercise 3

Material differences. This had me thinking of textures and also of one of the sketches I’d done earlier which features a series of door frames through from the kitchen to the front of the house. Based on this, I took an A3 sized cartridge sheet and sketched out the key vertical and horizontal lines associated with the doors, the lintels, the ceiling, a book case off in the distance, and reflections of a shelf in the kitchen via a long mirror. Only the sofa and chair are rounded and soft, the rest is wood, plaster, artex, and wallpaper. I’ve recently … Continue reading Part 2, Project 4, exercise 3

Never mind your right brain, it’s your unconscious that needs letting loose

The old left brain/right brain chestnut keeps on popping up, especially in reference to creativity. Dead but it won’t lie down. It comes from some very old studies on people with severe epilepsy whose brain hemispheres were surgically separated to prevent seizures swamping the whole cortex, plus the observation that motor functions are generally right side dominant (governed by the left motor cortex), and that language tends to be located in the left temporal lobe. Early studies seemed to support a view that the left brain is logical, ordered, and language related while the right is more spatial and image-led. … Continue reading Never mind your right brain, it’s your unconscious that needs letting loose

Sketch book

I’ve been seeing others on the course doing delightful scribble drawings and so I thought I’d give that a try. I have a copy of Henry Moore’s sketchbook of sheep and these are copied from that. The one on the left looks a little more woolly cow than sheep, and the other has a shade of dog in its face but on the whole I’m quite pleased with how they came out – especially as I’d become rather used to sketching (for exercise 2 of project 4) without my close vision glasses and forgot to put them on. Maybe this … Continue reading Sketch book

Part 2, Project 4, exercise 2

Composition. Building on yesterday’s ’round the house’ sketches, it wasn’t difficult to find an area that seemed to lend itself to framing a composition as it’s already framed. This drawing (white charcoal on pink sugar paper) focused largely on the sofa as I could see it through the doorway, but there are so many doorways, like a hall of mirrors (and with a mirror on one wall too), forming a dark tunnel towards the front room. They nest and parallel each other with shades of shadow and spots of light from glass and door knobs. I used black conte on … Continue reading Part 2, Project 4, exercise 2