Coronavirus (COVID-19)

15th March 2020. As a note for the chronology of this set of circumstances, and because the relevance of those circumstances may not immediately come to mind in the future, Europe is now the epicentre of the Coronavirus (CORVID-19) pandemic. Here in the UK, those of us over 70 years of age or with health vulnerabilities are advised to stay away from enclosed spaces and to keep a social distance of 2 m between themselves and other people. In the next few days, the expectation may be that we will self-isolate at home, perhaps for several months. This affects every … Continue reading Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Objective Evaluation

After quite a difficult start due to having no relevant background, I felt my drawing began to emerge towards the end of this module. Now, some way into Practice of Painting, I am seeing things I could not see before. One of these is that I find my D1 assignments less satisfactory than many of the sketches; they seem constrained and tight while the sketches were beginning to loosen up and become more relaxed and fluid. This is why the pieces I have submitted comprise mostly the latter. A second realisation is that I had no idea how to process … Continue reading Objective Evaluation

Drawing or painting; painting or drawing?

For my final assignment I found I really wanted to execute this in acrylics; but was this drawing, and if it wasn’t, what made it different? Intuitively, I could see no real difference, especially as somewhere in Drawing1 I was being asked to ‘paint with pastels’, while in Practice of Painting at least one exercise is about ‘drawing with paint’. If I draw in the traditional sense, it is with an implement that on the whole is short and resilient, while if I paint I am using a tool that is often longer and has a flexible component at the … Continue reading Drawing or painting; painting or drawing?

Formal Assessment – images

This is a detail from my sketchbook; drawings of metallic birds in biro, and watercolour finger-painted into place. The support is pink sugar paper pasted into the book. It was probably the first time I had made loose drawings of this kind and it came after buying a copy of Henry Moore’s book full of ‘wire frame’ drawings of sheep. I think this series of drawings represents something of an early milestone in exploration of different media and supports as I had never used either before. My approach to drawing had also changed in this work, looser and less ‘perfect’. … Continue reading Formal Assessment – images

Preparing for formal assessment – documenting the first time so I don’t make these mistakes again

I am going to document this because it’s my first and so far I have done almost everything wrong – mostly because I had no real grasp of what is required. First, I couldn’t find any guidelines as to what … Continue reading Preparing for formal assessment – documenting the first time so I don’t make these mistakes again

Part 5 self evaluation

Final piece for submission. Roughly 8″x 12″ gouache and acrylics on A3 hot-pressed watercolour paper. Demonstration of technical and visual skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills. I found four paintings by different artists using different styles and made sketches of these in soft pastels, the originals being oils, acrylics, and woodblock print. I translated these, adhering to a differentiating extent to the key approaches used by the four artists: stylised and linear (Hokusai’s The Great Wave [~1829]), blended (Turner’s Fishermen upon a Lee shore in Squally Weather [1802] ), naïve and almost abstract (Klee’s … Continue reading Part 5 self evaluation