Drawing drawing drawing

I’m familiar with the deconstruction process that happens when I embark on a course designed to develop what I believe to be my existing skills and extend them, but it doesn’t make it any less alarming or uncomfortable! It seems to me that two weeks ago I could draw and now I can’t, so I’m going back to some ways of drawing that worked for me while I figure out how to advance. Small and contained, one item at a time for now. Teapot. As always, I struggle with handles and spouts although this time I reckon that spout isn’t … Continue reading Drawing drawing drawing

Somewhere in Part 2

7th December. I’m in a weird parallel world set where one strand has things I’ve drawn selling in a gallery, and the other is littered with sketchbook pages full of lines that won’t do as they’re told. So … I read the instructions in the course folder again and again frightened the daylights out of myself. I prevaricated, deploying the ‘essential research’ tactic. That would have been good if I’d stuck to the brief but there was the John Berger Ways of Seeing rabbit hole, and the meerkat warren of a Google search for still life images to contend with. … Continue reading Somewhere in Part 2

The devil in the detail

Today I took a shot at a few different media, or different applications of media, with a black spoon, a fish bottle opener, and a pine cone on a plate with a black rim. As you do. First up, Sharpies. While the lines are clean they also leak through and of course they’re permanent which means that’s it, no erasing, no smudging, no change so it better be right first time.  I’m not sure I’m enough of an accurate first service hitter yet so I wasn’t happy with the result.  The charcoal made a difference for me; taking the images … Continue reading The devil in the detail

Plagiarism, copyright, and fair use

I’ve been struggling with this for two reasons. As a writer, and prior to that as a clinician and researcher, I was accustomed to a quite clear structure with regard to the use of other people’s words or ideas. Quotes are not often used in scientific papers but in literature, they are and they have to be minimal and clearly referenced. Similarly any supporting or contesting ideas, papers, theoretical references. That feels clear to me. Latterly, in my early (re)-exposure to the art world via local groups, I came across the practice of replication in physical media by copying of … Continue reading Plagiarism, copyright, and fair use

Forensic Architecture

This is the group of artists, film makers, architects, software developers, and activists you might never have heard of but that might be hitting headlines shortly. I came across them a short while ago in the context of reconstruction of the much-disputed chemical weapons attack in Syria. From all available images, from all available sources, they reconstruct scenes such as this in order to bring out the most plausible understanding of what actually happened, and just now they are contenders for the Turner Prize 2018. As a side bonus (to me anyway – reflected glory and all that), they’re based … Continue reading Forensic Architecture

‘I don’t know’

This is why I value that little phrase “I don’t know” so highly. It’s small, but it flies on mighty wings. It expands our lives to include the spaces within us as well as those outer expanses in which our tiny Earth hangs suspended. If Isaac Newton had never said to himself “I don’t know,” the apples in his little orchard might have dropped to the ground like hailstones and at best he would have stooped to pick them up and gobble them with gusto. Had my compatriot Marie Sklodowska-Curie never said to herself “I don’t know”, she probably would have wound … Continue reading ‘I don’t know’

Part 2: exercises

Exercise 1. Still Life. This is all about experimentation so I experimented with standing in front of my notice board which is very still indeed in that there’s stuff there that hasn’t moved in years. Not so my clutch of pencils which I dropped a different one of into the bin underneath every few minutes. There’s obviously a knack to this. First sketch, unembellished. Faber watercolour pencils with splashes of water via a Derwent waterbrush. I’m going to leave this now and give it a bit more looking at tomorrow.   29th November.  Decided to be a little more conventional … Continue reading Part 2: exercises