Formal Assessment – images

This is a detail from my sketchbook; drawings of metallic birds in biro, and watercolour finger-painted into place. The support is pink sugar paper pasted into the book. It was probably the first time I had made loose drawings of this kind and it came after buying a copy of Henry Moore’s book full of ‘wire frame’ drawings of sheep. I think this series of drawings represents something of an early milestone in exploration of different media and supports as I had never used either before. My approach to drawing had also changed in this work, looser and less ‘perfect’. … Continue reading Formal Assessment – images

Assignment 1 tutor feedback

I’d forgotten how containing feedback can be, especially when the subject matter and structure are unfamiliar, so this was very welcome and encouraging, and also gave me direction that I hadn’t managed to extract from the course materials. Frankly, having underlined almost the entire feedback document, I’m struggling with what to extract and respond to. It’s all relevant and I have to say, the pointers you’ve given – artists Paula Rego, Anita Taylor, William Kentridge, and the body of work cast as Symbolism – could hardly be more up my street, I’ve been totally nailed at the first encounter! Then … Continue reading Assignment 1 tutor feedback

Assignment 1 reductive reworking

I’m embarking on some re-working here on tutor advice to see if I can pull the objects out of the background, which she absolutely nailed as having been applied last. Truth is, I’d run out of road and I wanted it gone in order to get some initial feedback. I’ve learned a bit since then, and I’ve also been let off the lead a little too, so I feel able to give this a better grade of attention. I take photographs of almost everything I do, sometimes because I can pull out a detail from an otherwise mundane piece and … Continue reading Assignment 1 reductive reworking

Assignment 1 submission critique

It’s hard to know what influences I brought to bear on this work; partly because whatever they are, they go back a long way and have probably become barely conscious and fleeting, likely unnamed, and definitely inconsistent in style. I hit adolescence/young adulthood in the 1960s, a tumultuous time for politics, social behaviour, art and music. I was gripped by Quant[1] – those clean efficient lines, and Aubrey Beardsley[2] – full of tiny detail, dots and curls, and Dali who made the ordinary fascinatingly unsettling. Then there was Millais’ Ophelia[3] – again the detail but also the light, the colour, … Continue reading Assignment 1 submission critique

Assignment 1 Still life

1st November 2018. I have innumerable dragons and other beasts in my house. This Alien sculpture is made of bolts and fuses and other bits of scrap metal. Each one is unique. This one seems to have too many limbs but who’s going to argue with it! The book is full of Giger’s extraordinary illustrations for the film, Alien; all of them architectural, Gothic and sculptural and full of menace. No wonder the film’s sets were so evocative of ancient echoes and hostile life. The cat survived. Everyone I know, including me, was less concerned about Sigourney Weaver than that … Continue reading Assignment 1 Still life